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We answer the phone when we can,
however due to the nature of our
business, we may miss your call if we
are busy with clients.  

However, we are eager to speak with
you! If you would be so kind to send us
your question via TEXT, we will then
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Voice messages may need up to 72
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Thank you for understanding!
NOTE:  American Red Cross guidelines state that you cannot donate blood for one year after receiving any tattoo work.
START TAKING ARNICA MONTANA 1-2 weeks prior to your appointment!  It promotes faster healing
with less bruising and swelling! Available on AMAZON, Whole Foods Market, or any Nutrition Store.
Please understand that there is MUCH TO LEARN when considering a
permanent makeup procedure and it is impossible to share all the intricate
details in a quick conversation!  So you should commit to yourself that you will
study all the options, before booking (anywhere)!  If you choose us, we are
happy to wait until you are sure of your choices...

Click on the link above to view our new website. The links here still work, but
the new site is easier to understand.  So go gain some valuable insight into a
much misunderstood process!  

On our new site, we tagged the MOST important pages as 1-7.  The NEW FAQ
PAGE holds the answers to many of your questions!  Simply TYPE in a key in a
key word in the SEARCH BAR, and read the answers...

Remember... Bad Permanent Makeup is far worse than having no brows at all.  
The right person has the power to enhance your life and give you years of
worry-free permanent makeup.

The wrong person can wreck it in an hour!  So choose your artist wisely!

  • THE BEST DEAL... is not the cheapest deal. If your main goal is to save money, you may want to postpone your
    decision. An unbelievable deal is often accompanied by some frightening unknowns. Some people are learning the
    hard way PMU results are NOT the same, from artist to artist.  

  • Over the past few years, our business has exploded due to the popularity of EYEBROW  MICROBLADING! This
    influx of new technicians is equivalent to a Modern Day Goldrush...  means there is a technician on virtually every
    corner now, and most of them are brand new.  This can be mind boggling when searching for the perfect fit for your
    needs. So it is imperative that you do your research prior to booking with ANYONE... and it's best to put your trust
    in the hands of experience.

  • There a few new people who may be talented but MANY are not artistic in the least bit, and have no choice but to
    follow a method that results in a prefab cookie cutter look.

  • Aside from the artistic talent that is required to pull off REALISTIC looking permanent makeup, you also must
    consider your health in order to avoid the transmission of DISEASES. What good are great eyebrows if you now
    have to fight off some disease? So please be sure the person you choose has received BLOOD BORNE
    PATHOGENS TRAINING, is operating under a licensed facility, and is super concientious when if comes to safe
    sanitary practices.  It is really easy to make a careless mistake. The longer a person has been in the industry, the
    higher the level of conscientousness should be!

  • If someone tries to impress you with certificates rather than from MANY photos of their own original work... RUN.