But the good news is, I CAREFULLY follow the following guidelines for
sterilization to help eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.

  • My work area is kept as clean and orderly as possible.

  • The entire work space including my chairs, floors, trays, all equipment,
    pigment topical and anesthetic bottles with disinfectant wipes that are
    designed to kill bacteria, tuberculosis, HIV & Hepatitis.

  • I don't make my clients ASK...  I always show that I am about to install a
    brand new, sterile needle, fresh from the sealed packaging BEFORE
    starting thier procedure.  

  • Supplies that come in contact with your skin are also strictly disposable
    in nature.

  • I use sterile, surgical gloves throughout the procedure and get fresh
    ones if I have to remove them during the procedure.  

  • I methodically tape off any surface that I might need to touch during a
    session. This includes buttons on the chair, drawer handles, phone,
    switches, dials, to prevent cross-contamination

  • My machine is also wrapped to prevent cross contamination.

  • At the end of the procedure, I re-wipe all surfaces with the same cold
    sterilization wipes or fluids.
NEWS FLASH!  Dirty needles aren't the only way
to spread communicable diseases!
  • I mix and pour pigment straight from the bottle into new sterilized pigment caps - right in front of each client.
    Once the pigment is poured, the color and amount is documented. The bottle is then removed from the
    immediate work area to avoid contamination.

  • I am a qualified, self confident artist and I have NO PROBLEM with allowing you to observe my setup procedures.
    I welcome any questions about sterilization procedures, my technical and artistic experience and my
    qualifications that you may have.

  • If you ever have any doubts about what you observe, I want you to feel comfortable voicing your concerns. I'm
    here to make your life better! That starts with a sense of responsibility on my part which hopefully will, in turn,
    instill a sense of trust in you.