IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE PROCEDURE...  a light sheen of protective
ointment will be applied to serve as:
  • a barrier to prevent bacteria from coming into direct contact with the open wound - AND -
  • to prevent the tissue from drying out. Never let the treated areas get dry.
  • You should purchase a new tube of Aquaphor to use during the healing process.
  • If you plan to wear makeup before healing is complete, buy NEW COSMETICS and apply
    with DISPOSABLE APPLICATORS applicators to avoid introducing bacteria into the

You should leave the area(s) undisturbed for approximately 12 hours. After that you may cleanse
lightly with
CETAPHIL ANTIBACTERIAL FACIAL BAR (available at most drug stores) to
remove any dried fluids that may have accumulated. It is very important to follow all directions to
ensure proper healing and to prevent secondary bacterial infections.  

NOTE:  Improper aftercare can lead to infection, fading of ink and loss detail and definition of a
tattooed area... and that could be a very expensive mistake.  In a worst case scenario you could
even end up with a very costly scar. You don't need to check into the HOSPITAL, but there definitely
are certain things that need to be done to protect your investment.
HOT SHOWERS. Heat is not good - Cool is good!  
Be sure to keep it clean and moisturized with
Aquaphor following your treatment.

1. APPLY ICE PACKS  Remove the first 3-4 paper towels from the roll and use them somewhere
else.  Take the next few paper towels and place them on a plate. Finally, use the next few to wrap
around an Ice Pack to buffer the skin from extreme cold. Hold ice on area for a period not to exceed
15 minutes per hour to help reduce swelling and help preserve the color. Prolonged exposure to
ice could result in tissue damage. If you have to put the ice pack down, lay it on the toweled plate.

A bag of
FROZEN PEAS covered with clean paper towels works great.

Note:  Reapply Aquaphor as needed, after each icing since the ointment will be absorbed by the
paper towels...

2. TRY NOT TO SMOKE for at least 2-3 days if possible, but the longer - the better. Smoking is
known to impede the healing process. Especially if you have had a lip procedure!

  • Using cool water, FIRST wash your hands thoroughly,  then rinse.
  • Re-lather, and GENTLY wash your face using your fingertips only, in a circular motion -
  • If unable to use Cetaphil, make sure the cleanser does not have any acids, granules,
    exfoliants or skin lighteners.  
  • Rinse quickly and do not allow water to soak into the area.
  • Pat dry immediatly with a clean paper towel. Peel away a few towels and use the inner
    towels since they have not been exposed to the air or other contaminants!   
  • Cleanse again, if area becomes contaminated!  
  • NEVER use facial wipes, baby wipes or any other kind of wash cloth to cleanse tattooed

Note:  Allowing the areas to become water logged is like asking the pigment to float out of your
skin! No need to wash for more than 30 seconds or so.

AQUAPHOR sparingly.  Once clean, gently pat dry with a "clean" paper towel.  Then
apply a thin layer of ointment using a clean Q-tip. It should look like a "sheen", rather than a "glop".  
This will help prevent bacteria from settling into the wound and will be thin enough to allow the skin
to breath and heal well.   (Aquaphor is available at most grocery or drug stores and is one of the
best ointments you can use.) This will also help reduce the any discomfort caused by tugging
against the skin. Keep areas protected with ointment 24/7 for at least a week. Longer if additional
healing time is required.  
A&D ointment and Bacitracin, have also been used but occasionally
there have been instances of an allergic reaction to the zinc in Bacitracin if used to often over a
long period of time.

NEVER USE NEOSPORIN as it could possibly cause a change in color!!

Besides introducing bacteria into the open area which could cause an infection, you should never
attempt to pick, pull, roll or remove dead skin in any way.  Let it heal, and fall off naturally to preserve
maximum color. If necessary, you can use "sterilized" cuticle clippers to gently remove any dead
skin that may be bothering you.. but do so carefully as not to tug on live tissue. Any sort of tugging
could cause the ink to fleck off; resulting in a splotchy tattoo after the redness has gone down.

Over the next few days the tattoo wound will continue to ooze so be sure to protect your nice pillow
cases from tattoo ink or blood stains. Be sure to continue to keep the area moist with Aquaphor by
applying a very thin layer every 3 – 4 hours so that the tattooed skin does not become dry. BE
CAREFUL! Applying TOO MUCH will pull the ink OUT!

During the last few days of the healing process the tattooed area may begin to itch, but you must
resist scratching the area in order to prevent any damage to the skin surface and if there is a scab
do not pick at or remove it, let it come off without your assistance. Keeping the area moisturized will
help reduce itching and scabbing.

Lawn mowing, Cleaning out the garage and the like can wait until outer healing is complete, which
normally occurs within 4-5 days.

After 4 - 6 days you can replace the aftercare ointment with a mild (perfume free and dye free) lotion
such as Emu oil, Vitamin E or Lubriderm. Emu oil is very effective, but hard to find. Vitamin E and
Lubriderm are readily available at any Drug Store and have the advantage of being more affordable.
The idea is to prevent excessive scabbing, which is an indicator of poor healing.  It allowed to dry, a
hard scab may form which will pull excessive amounts of ink from the skin before it has had a
chance to settle into the dermis.

10. WAIT... and watch.
If you have kept the right amount of Aquaphor on there should be no thick scabs at all during the
healing process. As you heal, you will notice a flaking off of the outer layers of the pigment. This is
normal and will result in soft beautiful color at the end of about a  week. It takes about six (6) weeks
for all of the skin, inside and out, to become fully healed.

From day one, you will need to start protecting your new tattoo from the ultraviolet rays of the sun to
prevent fading. At first, you'll want to stay indoors as much as possible. If you go outside, wear
sunglasses and a hat to shield your skin from prolonged sun exposure. If the tattoo is in an area
that will be exposed to the suns' rays (like your FACE) always use a sun block with a minimum SPF
of 30 (
after it heals) to keep your tattoo looking like new for years to come.

Keep a close watch on the area and if you notice any signs of infection immediately contact
your Doctor. Our doctor, Victoria Zavala, may be  available. To check, call her office at 713-606-
Your face may look close to normal or it
may appear
red, swollen and possibly
even bruised. Your
new makeup may
look a
little too bright ...and you may be
wondering what you've just done... But
you can relax!
These are all very
normal reactions. Everything always
look darker and much more sharply
defined than it will o
nce fully healed.

So for now, just don't look in the mirror.
Instead focus on something else like
movies, games with the family or maybe
read a good book.  Soon, the redness
and swelling will subside and within a
week  dark
er makeup gives way to soft
natural beauty and it will be well worth
the wait!

  • EYEBROWS:  Very insignificant swelling occurs with permanent eyebrows.

  • EYELINER:  Mild to moderate swelling occurs with permanent eyeliner.

  • LIPS:  Lips swell significantly more than other procedures
  • Condition of the skin: excessive oiliness/dryness,
    uneven texture, scar tissue

  • Incorrect Aftercare

  • Smoking (impedes proper healing!!)

  • Lifestyle (ie: too much sun...)

  • Metabolism

  • General Health

  • Age of the skin, elasticity

  • Medications: Over the counter and prescribed
  • I will apply a thin coat
    of Aquaphor to the

  • Be sure to keep
    applying Aquaphor for
    the next 24-48 hours
    as a barrier help
    speed help speed

  • Wash the area
    several times a day
    with a gentle
    cleanser and re-apply
    Aquaphor after each

  • The treated area will
    appear red/dark pink
    for the first 24-48 hrs.  
    Each day thereafter,
    the area will start to
    darken to a brownish
    shade, and then will
    start to exfoliate off

  • After 48-72 hours you
    can start wearing
    your makeup and
    using your anti-aging
    creams again.
    Vitamin C, A or E and
    Collagen producing
    products will only add
    to the results and
    expedite the healing

  • You will continue to
    see results for
    months after just one

  • If subsequent
    procedures are
    desired, they can be
    performed in as little
    as 4-6 weeks...for
    optimal results.

Keep a close watch on
the area and if you
notice any signs of
immediately contact
your Doctor.

Our doctor, Victoria
Zavala, may be  
available. To check,
call her office at 713-
Benefits of Permanent
We're all finished...  Now what?
  • Medical Conditions: temporary and chronic

  • Chemical Exfoliants: alpha hydroxy, glycolic or phenol acids,
    Retin-A, Retinol, and fruit peels and bleaching creams

  • Mechanical Exfoliants: Microdermabrasion, etc.

  • Facial Surgery, Implants and Botox: Changes shapes

  • Fat Transfers, Silicone, Collagen or Restylane

  • Sun Exposure:  Even casual (riding in a car)  as well as
    extended can fade your permanent makeup...

  • Tanning Beds
HEALING... You may resume all normal activities as soon as you wish as long as you keep the area clean, and protect it from
PROLONGED  exposure to heat, sun, water and bacteria. You may want to avoid social events for a 4-7 days to allow the areas to
heal. The following list are things that CAN have an impact on your end result...
  • .Arnica Montana and Bromelain has been known to reduce swelling and bruising.
    You may want to consider taking it for a few days prior to and after your procedure.
FOLLOW UP SESSIONS: You should schedule a follow-up session between 6-12 weeks following the initial procedure, even if you
are totally happy... Together, we will take this opportunity to decide what touch-ups need to be done, if any.  Photos showing the
healed result will be taken at this time.  If touch-ups are done, additional photos will be taken after that procedure as well to
document that stage.
Touch-ups are $149 each unless you purchase the TOUCH UP PACKAGE.  (Details on Pricing Page)
HEALING PHASE:  There may be some bruising and swelling. Most swelling will subside within 24-48 hours and bruising typically
disappears within 3-4 days. During this healing phase, you may want to refrain from scheduling social events or activities that may
introduce bacteria into the wounds.

OUTER HEALING:  The outer layer is considered healed within about 5-7 days, or when the area(s) stop peeling.

INNER HEALING:  Even though the outer layers appear to be fully healed, there is still healing occurring beneath those layers. This
explains why we cannot work in the area again until after 4-6 weeks. To do so would create tissue damage resulting in excessive
scar tissue.  Excessive scar tissue makes future results more unpredictable.

EXERCISE: If you perspire, do not exercise. The sweat has saline in it and saline is one of the things some people use to REMOVE
pigment. So excercise at your own risk.
  • CETAPHIL (Antibacterial Facial Bar)
  • Q-TIPS
    BAGS OF CORN... (peas

    If you have not already done
    so, you might want to help
    speed healing, by
    purchasing these
    supplements. They are
    available at some drug
    stores in the "muscle ache"
    section, or you might check
    Whole Foods or other
    Nutrition Stores like GNC
As a general rule of thumb guide, refer to the following but always remember, this is not a hard rule that you can count on.
Depending on your skin color, some pigments may actually get darker. So please keep that in mind when you are deciding which
colors to select. In my opinion, its always best to go lighter at first, then add subsequent sessions later. To not do that is like
mixing the icing into the batter before baking the cake . . . . .     : )

  • Eyebrows generally lose 30-50%
  • Eyeliner typically loses 10-20%
  • Lip liner (outside vermillion border)  may lose 10-20%
  • Lip Pigment (inside vermillion border) generally loose 30-50%