Day 1:  Due to my conservative approach, your eyebrows will look beautiful
upon completion. Then later that day, they will darken by approximately 10-

Days 2-4: They will look a little bolder and wider for a few days, due to
inflammation and swelling.  Your skin will be  red under the pigment, which
causes the color to appear darker. Please do not worry... All of this will
subside in a few days,

Days 4-5: Natural exfoliation of the dead skin cells will begin to occur which
will cause the excess pigment surrounding the eyebrow to flake away.

Days 6-10:  Soon, a softer and more narrow appearance will result as new
skin heals over the pigmented area. During this healing process, the
pigmented areas will begin to itch and will start to appear thicker in texture.
As exfoliation begins, the skin begins to flake, peeling from outside edges
first. As the color finishes flaking off, things will begin to appear softer. DO

Days 7-10: There will also be a gray hue effect for a few days until color
clarifies. This may take 6-8 weeks for the colors to fully settle in.


Day 1: Your eyes will appear swollen, like you’ve been crying. And you'll
have a heavier eye makeup look. The feeling is pinchy and mildly sore.
Some people have a very strong immune reaction and will swell a lot, while
others will not.  

Day 2: The following day, you will still have swelling upon waking, and for a
few hours after. The heavy eye makeup look remains.

Days 3-4: The feelings is less tight, less swollen and the color will begin to
lift off of the skin.  Itching is normal ! But DO NOT pick at it.

Days 5-10: Depending on how agressive the procedure was and how fast
your heal, the natural blinking movement of the eye usually removes all
pigment by the 5th or 6th day. Sometimes it takes longer.  The color will be
somewhat grayish and will take a few more weeks for the color to fully


Day 1-2 :  Most swelling occurs on the 1st and 2nd days. Lips will be
tender, heavy, hot, thick, lipstick look-reddish brick color effect, due to
blood being closer to the surface. They may have a slight metallic flavor for
a few days.

Day 3: Less swelling, thicker skin texture at surface, sore, hot feelings
before exfoliation. They may start to take on an “Orangey” color. Don't
worry, this will subside!

Day 3-4: Exfoliation begins. Feels like very chapped lips. DO NOT pick at it.

Day 5: Very chapped but almost finished with 1st chapping stage.

Day 6: See softer color. Lips will feel super tender until new skin fully
covers the area.

Day 6-7: Lip color totally disappears. The “frosty” stage begins ( 2nd
chapping stage), a whitish, grayish haze on lips.

Days 10-21 The Color begins to “bloom” from within more and more each
day until
about day 21.  

Day 21+ The full effect is completed - the color you see is the color you
have. However, lips remain a bit dry for a month or two. Use a good lip balm
and they will return to normal but with a little more color!  It is common for
lips to need at least 3 sessions!

Please don’t be concerned that things initially
appear darker and heavier in size than you desire,
then suddenly appear as if you've lost too much
color. This is all a NORMAL part of the process.
We will add more color and make any necessary
adjustments, at the followup visit.
Benefits of Permanent Makeup
It promotes faster healing and less
any Nutrition Store.

REMEMBER... Faster healing means
better color retention!
Initially, the treated area will appear a little too dark and swelling occurs due to the
release healing process. Eyebrows don't swell significantly enough to be noticeable,
but they will is temporary and subsides within a day or two. Cool compresses are
recommended to reduce swelling and help hold pigment in place. Heat and water is to
be avoided.

HEALED: As the areas begin to heal, the body exfoliates dead skin cells as new cells
are generated. As the dead skin cells begin to slough off, tiny particles of pigment that
have been trapped in the epidermis are also discarded with the dead skin cells. When
the total process is complete, the treated area will appear much lighter because only
the pigment in the dermis will remain, which is now covered by new skin cells.

Lips show the most dramatic pigment color changes!  Lip tissue does not have pores
or oil glands, so they are the first to expel excess pigment. You can expect to loose from
50% to 70% of the applied pigment within the first week. Lip procedures can require
one to three followup sessions depending on how much color is retained and the
depth of color still desired by the client.

The skin is thicker in the eyebrow area and normally retains more pigment, which is
why I approach things conservatively! But you may expect to loose some color. But more
can be applied! So don't worry...
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NOTE:  American Red Cross guidelines state that you cannot donate blood for one year after receiving any tattoo work.
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