START TAKING ARNICA MONTANA 1-2 weeks prior to your appointment!
It promotes faster healing and less bruising and swelling! Available at any Nutrition Store.

THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!  All the interesting twists and turns have come
together to make me a stronger, and more focused person.  But I realize that without all
the other people in my life, I would not be able to do what I do...

So I'll be forever thankful for my clients - who trusted me with their face.  I deeply
appreciate the love, encouragement and sacrifice from my sons, family and friends- and
from my team and office manager KATHLEEN and to my artists CARRIE & LINDSAY who
have shown me their talent,  dedication and interest in creating a safe place to perform
permanent makeup.

And let's not f
orget this beautiful spot where Permetika lives, and everyone who played a
part in helping me. I LOVE this place. It's an energetic, peaceful  happy place to work, and
it has provided the square footage and amenities necessary to pass on an amazing craft to

But in order to "share" the torch, I will need to carve a little time off of each day to
develop my curriculum for upcoming classes, so I will be reducing the number of new
clients I can see. But I'm not going anywhere... I'll still be heavily involved to help support
everyone on the team!

This is an exciting time! We all expect great things this year, and for many more to come!  
I hope you will continue to put your faith in our amazing team! Thank you again, for being

Much love,
Connie Pearson
Due to the nature of ONLINE BOOKING and the fact that you need to prepare your skin
for procedures, we are unable to keep a cancellation list.  

We do however, invite you to look for openings on the calendar. When you see one that
works for you, just use the link in your email confirmation to reset your appointment.
My role at Permetika is shifting a little as I move into developing my school curriculum and focus on growing the
business. I am still available for appointments, but the demand for my time is greater than what I can
accommodate, and I need to slow down a little.

Effective January 31st, 2017, MY new pricing will be set at $1400+ per procedure.
But please remember that I am still be heavily involved in all work performed by my other artists at $850.

Remember.... all procedures will need followup visits.  Follow-ups will remain at $200.
Hello!  Thank you very much for your interest in
scheduling your appointment with me... I am currently
booking several months in advance - and I welcome
your booking if you are able to wait for me. If you
want to get in sooner, I would like to invite you to
book with one of my other artists. Each artist has
been trained by me personally, and will receive advice
and assistance from me whenever necessary.

CONSULTATIONS with me are held once a month.  Dates can be found by clicking the
"BOOK NOW button above.   If you prefer to get in sooner, you can schedule a private
consultation with one of my artists to get to know them and view their work.  When ready to
schedule, just click on the "BOOK NOW" shown above.  Thank you!
NOTE:  American Red Cross guidelines state that you cannot donate blood for one year after receiving any tattoo work.
2500 West Loop South, #360   
Houston, TX 77027
TEXT US at: 713.443.8999
Artists at Permetika have
been personally trained by
Connie and will have ongoing
support as needed!
NOTE: Each artist will have
their own style, that will be
slightly different from mine...
so be sure to ask fpr photos
from each
before booking an