NOTE: Most of the AFTER shots are taken immediately after a
procedure. But the look will change a bit as the strokes don't
stay exactly as I apply them... They may blur or widen a bit
and the color will probably cool down some.

Since we NEVER CAN PREDICT how much color each person
will hold, we need to start light!  This lady will need at least
one more session to fill in spots that didn't take as well.
EACH client's skin will be different. Even if you related and
even if you are twins, results are never the same for two
different people.
Beautiful brows are the most important
feature on the face.  
A perfectly placed brow will
make your face appear thinner, younger, brighter and will
lend an immediate, positive impact to any face!  But poorly
beauty is concerned. They can wreck even the most
beautiful of faces!

Our brow procedures give the illusion of individual hairs
that blend seamlessly with your own. The strokes will
transition in the same direction of your existing brows.  We
stipple in a light mist of color between strokes to mimic the
softest shadow of color, similar to the effect created with a
brow powder.  

If you have no hair, no problem. We get to pick the direction
and flow of the brow strokes. This WILL take additional
sessions to create the most realistic look.

At your consultation we will discuss your current brow
shape, current trends, and explain why a natural approach
is normally best. Our goal is to help you look your best
without makeup on at all.   Then when you put your day or
night makeup on, you can add brow color to match the
mood. And now, it only takes a seconds. If you spend more
than a minute, you're looking way too close. PERFECT
BROWS, have the right amount of imperfection built in, to
look believable. Brows that are mirror images, draw way
too much attention. YOU should take center stage... not your

With that said, most of you will have something specific in
mind, so please feel free to bring in pictures of your dream
brow. You might also bring a picture of how your brows
were when you were young. PRE-TWEEZER DAYS, if
possible!  If you have no idea, that is not a problem. We can
create a design that will make your jaw drop!

So whether your brows are sparse, over plucked or simply
in need of definition, permanent make up can totally
transform your look.  And if you have more than your fair
share of brows, we can help there too. A light shadow of
color behind the hair will give guide to whoever maintains
your brows. This will help you keep the same shape, month
after month.

During your sessions, I will ask for feedback. This will
ensure that you are happy with both the contour and colors
we have blended. The treatment will then begin and will
take about an hour or so, depending on the complexity of
the procedure.

Microblading - is a technique used to create hyper realistic
hair strokes with a manual tool, this process is also
referred to as ‘brow embroidery’.  This technique produces
the most natural looking brows and is a great option for
anyone with brow challenges!
You've heard it before. Brows should be sisters,
not twins.
People rarely walk in requesting MIRROR
IMAGE EYEBROWS, but what happens when most
people look at their brows in the mirror, they start
looking for the empty space and immediately want to fill
it. But that empty space is what makes the brows look
believable, not stamped on!  You have to resist the
urge to fill every open spot! But the open spots should
not create an obvious gap either. They should flow like
a soft river.

  • We always shoot for REALISTIC looking
    brows here... not perfectly marked and
    measured off strokes. We want them to be
    super sexy and exciting, but not over the top!

    friends aren't buyin it! They see your brows walk in
    before you do. What's important, is the fine artistic
    detail, that will bring your face to life!
Beautiful brows are the most important feature on the face.  
A perfectly placed brow will bring an immediate, positive impact to any face - but
poorly shaped or colored brow can wreck even the most beautiful of faces.  

Microblading has definitely taken the world by storm.
These soft, realistic looking strokes help to create the illusion of beautiful full
brows by replacing a few missing strokes or simulating an entire brow! This is
an awesome service for people suffering from any kind of brow hair loss. These
strokes look so real, they even fool the clients using a 10x magnifying mirror!
FEATHERED BROWS, etc... all of these techniques try to duplicate the
appearance of very natural looking brows.

Microblading delicately deposits pigment into the superficial layer of the dermis.
We use a hand tool with an extremely fine grouping of needles, much like a
calligraphy pen. Our unique technique does not look like the cookie cutter style
of perfectly traced lines. Our strokes fool even the most discriminating eye.

Even though we use a numbing agent of 4% Lidocaine, there may be some
discomfort associated with the procedure. This discomfort normally rates on a
scale from 0-4 out of 10, pain level. Everyone is different, but we do our best to
maintain your comfort level through distraction techniques and breaks if you
need them.Microblading rarely produces serious complications

Microblading is still a form of cosmetic tattooing..
Contrary to popular thought, THIS IS STILL A TATTOO. I wish the terms
"permanent" and "semi-permanent" didn't exist. Both are misleading.  We call it
permanent because it does not wash off. We call it semi-permanent, because it
fades. But if someone tells you that it lasts only 18 months, that is also
misleading. There is no magic date that your new brows are programmed to

And along with any tattooing the skin, may come some associated risks such as
the transmission of Blood Borne Pathogenic Organisms, such at Hepatitis and
HIV. Allergic reactions to the pigments and or ointments are also a possibility,
but are very unlikely. It is recommended (but not mandatory) that you stop in for
an allergy skin test at least one week prior to your appointment. It is also
essential to check that the technicians carry the appropriate licenses.

Artistry in this field is largely unregulated. Especially in Texas. And there are so
many classes being formed by self proclaimed "masters" - it's mind boggling!
ANYONE can pass out a certificate granting newbies virtual confidence to . The
truth is, there is no way to learn this craft in 2-3 days. Even if an artist does
beautiful work, you better watch for cross-contamination disasters. It's not easy
to get in the habit of using aseptic techniques. And CLIENTS ARE EVEN LESS
AWARE... My question to everyone is this:  What good are new brows, when
you're now battling Hepatitis or any other disease for that matter.  It's take an
awareness that extends far beyond sterile needles and single use disposables
& disinfected skin prior to the service. . All it takes is one slip up to pass on a
mishap from one client to the next.

Seek out SEASONED PROFESSIONALS with years full of successful procedures
behind them, or those who have completed comprehensive training, and who  
thoroughly understand this complex process - and you will GREATLY minimize
your risk of unhappiness!  And in the right hands, it can be a positively life
changing experience. In the wrong hands, you might be spending the next year
seeking out tattoo removal services.
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NOTE:  American Red Cross guidelines state that you cannot donate blood for one year after receiving any tattoo work.

START TAKING ARNICA MONTANA 1-2 weeks prior to your appointment!
It promotes faster healing and less bruising and swelling! Available at any Nutrition Store.
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