Next, it is very important to understand, that my approach to implanting color into skin is based on one FACT. We can always add more. SO

What does this mean, exactly?
It means that we AIM to err on the side of caution!
It means that it's best if you also enter into our relationship, with patience and understanding that SLOW AND STEADY, WINS THE RACE...  Sort of
like how wedding cakes take a greater investment than a cake from the grocery store. And BMWs cost more than a Ford, for a reason!
 Instead of
working too heavily to start, with the hopes of somehow fading BACK into perfection, why don't we just inch up to the finish line, instead!?  With
proper color or shape adjustments on subsequent sessions.

Does anyone ever heal in just right? Occasionally, but that's not the norm.  Inevitably, some people will end up holding the short end of the stick with
permanent makeup! You have to ask yourself which end you want to be holding, the TOO DARK end or the TOO LIGHT end?  It's unfortunate, but we
will probably never know (in advance) who WILL hold a lot of color and who will NOT. Either scenario could be YOURS! Which do you think is easier
to adjust? So please, DO NOT BE DISAPPOINTED, if YOURS happens to be too light, because the cornerstone of our success, is from being
conservative. So be sure you have, the patience that we have, and are willing to stick with the plan.  

The reason that I have excelled in this field, is that I came into this profession with formal art training. I have a natural eye for color and symmetry
and because of this, I am able to perform Permanent Cosmetics that DO NOT look like tattoos. There is a certain order, colors should be applied
and doing it all at once, cheapens the look, in my opinion.  

My goal, is to ONLY do realistic looking work, not PERFECT work.
 I find that TRUE PERFECTION, lies in the ability to add just the right amount of
imperfection, to create something that does not attract a puzzling stare from others.
This is especifically true of brows services.

  • Did the strokes stay light and crisp?
  • Did the strokes spread out? If so, how much?
  • Did the color stay warm?
  • Did the color heal in cooler than expected?
  • Did the strokes stay consistent, from beginning to end?

Once all of this data has been collected, I will create a new plan. I may use all the same colors as in the first session, or I may pick new ones to
enhance or counteract the original colors. Because the bottom line here is, I can use the same color on 10 people who have similar skin tones. But
each one will heal in with a unique look.   
IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE PROCEDURE: Initially, the treated area will appear a little too dark and swelling occurs
due to the release of lymphatic fluids and histamines that flood the affected region to kick start the whole healing process. Eyebrows don't swell
significantly enough to be noticeable... Eyes swell to different degrees from person to person. The
HEALED: As the areas begin to heal, the epidermis layer collects and then exfoliates dead skin cells as new cells are generated. As the dead
skin cells in the epidermis layer of the skin begin to slough off, tiny particles of pigment that have been trapped in the epidermis are also
discarded with the dead skin cells. When the total process is complete, the treated area will appear much lighter because only the pigment in
the dermis will remain, which is now covered by new skin cells.

Lips show the most dramatic pigment color changes!  Lip tissue does not have pores or oil glands, so they are the first to expel excess
pigment. You can expect to loose from 50% to 70% of the applied pigment within three to four days after the initial procedure was performed. Lip
procedures can require one to three followup sessions depending on how much color is retained and the depth of color still desired by the

The skin is thicker in the eyebrow area and retains more pigment. So you have to be super careful when dressing the windows of the soul.
you must realize
that it may take several sessions to
reach your expectations.  Don't enter into
this deal lightly, thinking that YOU will be the
lucky one who holds all of the color,
perfectly, the first time. That CAN happen,
but it is much more realistic to just know that
it may take a few sessions to reach your
expectations. The higher the expectations,
the more sessions it could take. And you
must realize that colors may change over
time, and that color refresher sessions are
almost always necessary to maintain a fresh
If you are not OK with this, then you
should not do it.

I hope to convince you that almost any person who
wears traditional cosmetics is a potential candidate
for  permanent makeup, even for the most
discerning of women!  
All we have to do is approach
it in a conservative manner!

WHAT YOU CAN DO... There are a few keys to
consider before taking the plunge into permanent
cosmetics and you should:

  • Be willing to plan this out

  • Be willing to educate yourself

  • Understand that all procedures are not
    created equal. If your sister's brows turned
    out PERFECT, yours may not!  

  • Be willing to follow all instructions

  • Have the patience to see the process quit
    when it looks "good", then return for follow up
    procedures to PERFECT!!  

It's a Process! Because some colors heal in darker
in lighter and fade faster on others. Unfortunately,
there has not been a "what you see is what you get"
pigment invented -  which means there is just no
way to guarantee exactly what yours will look like,
how much it changes or how long it will last.  

  • Understand that SOME people will have
    immediate, fantastic results - while others
    will need more attention and subsequent
    sessions to make the necessary

  • The higher the expectations, the more
    followup sessions it will take.
No wonder people are scared to death!
But eventually, I hope to convince every woman
looking starting point for regular makeup - and
to never again have to be caught totally bare

Now, I know there are some who are just born  
naturally beautiful and don't need any help from
me at all. But to those who suffer from no brow
hair and faded features... I can help!

So here is where we start... UNDERSTANDING!
Have a clear concept of what your needs are
and what I can do for you before embarking!

This all takes understanding on MULTIPLE KEY
A few are great, some are good, others are just scary and should NOT be doing this type of work.  I've seen work that should be considered
criminal (and I am not exaggerating.....). I would imagine, that people who put less value on their work will want to move people in and out
much faster - just to get on to the next deal.

Do you really want to be rushed?  Please give careful thought to what goes into creating beautiful results and consider the following

  • What if you wanted to display a beautiful family portrait in your home... Would you ask someone who CANNOT DRAW - to do YOUR
    painting?  Probably not!  But since you already know that there will be definite contrasts in pricing and quality, you would probably want
    to research all of your options, compare (actual work) from artist to artist, then settle on the one who suits your style and needs?

    How much MORE does good art work matter - when the work is being done on your face?  Because you can't just throw it in the
    ATTIC!   : )

  • And the time and aggravation it will save, will be realized day after day when you no longer have to struggle with losing the brows you
    spent so much time trying to perfect every single morning. You now have perfectly placed, worry free makeup... and the assurance that
    your beautiful new face will still be with you, even after a long day on the lake!

  • I can guide and advise you for the style and direction but I can do a better job if you bring some information to the table. Like, tell me
    what you, personally, find beautiful. in the end you are the only person that can state your preferences. Regardless of my skill level, no
    one can tell you what you think looks good!  So, we'll work together to get you where you want to be!  You'll be involved in making every
    little decisions (with me) throughout the entire process!  NO SURPRISES at the end when you look in the mirror.  

  • So, if you are strictly shopping price, you may get lucky and find satisfactory results somewhere else. Or you may end up with
    someone who doesn't even know how to use a stencil. And what if the stencils are ever SLIGHTLY misplaced? Think back on the
    times when you plucked just ONE too many hairs... and you suddenly realized that you made a huge mistake. The same thing can
    happen in reverse when ONE STROKE is tattooed out of place.

bad work out there?

People (even well meaning
doctors and nurses) can
underestimate the skill set

And great work takes years
of practice to refine...
REASON # 3:  Some people are candidates,
some are not. Some skin takes well, while
website).this website).
Being well informed IN ADVANCE will help you make an INFORMED DECISION prior to
your procedure. And when it comes time for a followup, you take it "with a grain of
Yes...  And there is something else you
pigments with a conservative approach in mind. This means that  occasionally, the
initial procedures may heal in somewhat light and possibly a little sketchy in areas.
So what kind of bargain is it to
find cheap work if they
destroy your face or body?
All  they can  say is I'm sorry",
but YOU are you are left
holding the bag.

Choosing a Permanent
Make-up Specialist is very
important. So make sure you
do some research before you
trust just anyone with your

Ask to see a portfolio with
many before and after
And ask to see their
certification before making a
final decision...   remember...
Never base your decision on
price alone!    Is it clear yet
WHY  there is so much bad
work out there? People under
estimate the skill that is
required to do good work.  And
great work takes years of
practice to refine...
"Reputable" Tattoo artists have more integrity, than
any PMU institution that trains people in a weekend
course. Good Apprenticeships which demand
many months, sometimes years of training before
And do you think any one with no artistic ability
would even THINK of becoming a tattoo ARTIST?  
Probably not. But since most people don't think of
PMU as "art", they jump in thinking they can

So I think the POWERS THAT BE have long been
content to just consider this an art form that
takes place between the artist and the client.
BUYER BEWARE... Currently, there are no
STANDARD or BAR to legally meet... In reality, a  
licenses mean nothing other than the government
will have a list of those tattooing (legally) and will
inspect to make sure OSHA guidelines are being
followed - NOT what is being produced - art wise!

Certificates really mean nothing when you can
BUY them. NO ONE is tested on skill in Texas. The
same person who is about to butcher someones
face can have the SAME certificate as the person
who really does beautiful work... Fair?  No!

Some people are lucky  enough to have been born
with a natural knack for it.  If not, they mess up a
few faces and quit when they begin to recognize
that good/great permanent makeup is driven by a
certain level of artistic skill.

Actually, in the beginning of my career... I too, was
one of those well meaning people who was
allowed to jump into this field with only the
knowledge that my first training classes taught. I
didn't know HOW TO TATTOO..  But, at least,  I DID
smart enough to know that if I moved
conservatively, I wouldn't mess anyone up!
Because of that, I had an advantage over many
I've never destroyed anyones face during my
learning process.

  • LIPS - 3 SESSIONS are normally recommended for Lip Procedures to "take" due to the excessive moisture on the lips. . Some people
    may even need more, while some need less.

  • COLOR BOOST:  Maintain your NEW LOOK with a COLOR BOOST every 1-5 years - as it becomes necessary.

The answer is this: NORMALLY, NO! If the tattoo is performed correctly, and not too deeply it does not normally
cause harm to the hair follicles. This depth is approximately the width of a dime, or less. An inexperienced
technician might go deep enough into the skin and destroy or damage the hair follicle.

So just stay out of that person's chair!    : )
Pigments are injected through the Epidermis, just into the dermis. Going
to shallow will cause color loss. Going too deep causes excessive
bleeding and will cause the work to blur out.  Working at the right depth
also prevents damage to structures deeper in the skin, such as glands
and follicles.
I hope you find the answers to all of your questions here and come away with a sense of
But at the same time, if you're looking for absolute perfection, I'll say that's
probably an unrealistic goal - especially if you expect too much, too fast.
You just can't
rush this process... and expect perfection without first, going through the process.

But with time and patience, I know how beautiful it can be when I am allowed to perform
a layering process that takes place over a period of a few months. I am confident, that
together, we will create something beautiful!  You will never  experience a solid, fake
looking, filled in look.  Each stroke will be deliberately placed, just as an artist would do
when creating a realistic looking piece of art!

Being well informed IN ADVANCE will help you make good decisions about your
procedure. So when it comes time for a followup, you take it like a man (or WOman)
because you have been educated...  and you know not to expect too much, too soon!

Follow ups (focus sessions) are designed to help acheive YOUR perfect look.  
Each session is billed @ $199 each. This is not free because of the time
required to lay down the next layer of color. It may take 2+ focus sessions in
order to consider my work to be complete.

Just as some artists allow their paintings to dry some between the layers...  I do the
same with your skin. It's called the healing process.

You should KNOW IN ADVANCE that multiple follow-up sessions are recommended in
order to produce the most realistic results. So there are NO SURPRISES!
You must know when to say no. If you are pregnant, or nursing a baby. No, we cannot
work on you. Nor can we if you are diabetic. There are other medical conditions that
pay prohibit getting work done, and YOU KNOW THE STATE OF YOUR HEALTH BETTER
THAN ANYONE...  So if you are under any type of medical care, I strongly suggest that
you get clearance from your doctor. Refer to
Risks & Contraindications for more
information. MOLES CANNOT BE COVERED... to do so could cause problems and the
color could  prevent detection of serious changes in the mole.

Just agree to move slowly. This plan, should significantly reduce, or totally eliminate
the fear factor!  Subsequent sessions are done on an as needed basis, at a pace that
will not scare you to death.  We'll inch in to a beautiful creation, at a slightly slower
pace, rather than just trying to cram it all in - all at once - with the hope of fading
backwards into perfection.   

#6:  IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE - one way or another!
The outcome will depend on who performs your permanent makeup.
How does one deal with this SUPER FINE LINE between just enough, and too
much - permanent makeup.  Especially when the line, is different for every
person who walks through the door. That line is different for every artist as
well!  What might work perfectly for one person, could be disasterous to
another, because we all have slightly different tastes and styles.  So, it is the
RESPONSIBILITY of the artist, to communicate with the client to come up with,
and execute, a realistic plan. That plan should be conservative enough to
build on, yet strong enough to show, without looking overdone. THAT can be
like walking a tight rope at times...  
Which brings me to #7!

THERE ARE FLAWS IN THE SYSTEM Y'ALL . . .  and it's going to be a while before
someone fixes it!  In the meantime, you should know - Just because someone holds a
certificate, and has a plaque on the door - does not make them qualified to work on
YOUR FACE with anything PERMANENT!  

You should know that the field of tattooing (both body art AND permanent cosmetics) is
very loosely regulated.  At least in the State of TEXAS, ANYBODY is legally allowed to  
tattoo anything on your skin - as long as the "building" is licensed.  How is that license
obtained? You BUY it! Crazy, right? It is perplexing as to WHY there are no regulations.
You don't HAVE to take a class. You don't HAVE to pass a test... There is no "board of
directors" that holds anyone accountable, to anything. No one to say NO! You CANNOT
tattoo clown brows on that lady!  Clown brows are not in style this year! (or something
like that...)

I can only speculate, that since tattooing has long been considered as a form of "art"
that the "powers that be" have had better things to do than to monitor burly tattoo
artists. But I feel things will change with tattooing moving into mainstream.

Talented artists are not just born overnight. And just because one CAN DRAW, does not
mean you can draw well, IN THE SKIN. It takes learning some tricks of the trade!  
REPUTABLE Tattoo artists
required apprenticeships which demanded many
months, sometimes years of training, before they would allow a new artist on the floor.
And do you think they would EVER  give a person with no artistic abilities the time of
day? Probably not. Yet I hear over and over again... I want to learn permanent makeup,
but I can't draw. My thought is... You need to learn to draw first, then come talk.

So many people get excited when they see the opportunity. So they decide to add this
"specialty" to their menu of services. And, since the requirements are so flimsy, it's
very easy to get into! Therefore, we end up with people in the field who have no
business being there.  Some people are lucky enough to have been born with a natural
knack for it . If so, they will thrive...  But if not, they soon begin to realize that great
permanent makeup is driven artistic skill. By the time they come to this realization, they
have destroyed a few faces.

I can't do anything to fix this system. I feel bad for those who end up paying the
consequence. But It does not have to be you. I CAN help you, if you come to me for help.

So, if you happen to live in Houston, or are willing to travel - you might consider me!  I
invite you to take a peek at my portfolio to find images of a few of my clients who now
look a little more attractive and feel a little more confidence - without embarrassment
and without makeup. ...and nothing too dramatic or trendy!  So can you still wear the
same range of colors and styles that you could before?  YES!  I understand, that if I
keep natural skin tones in mind, it'll work everywhere else!  And when you're ready to
"spice things up" a bit... you CAN!  And more good news... you'll NEVER HAVE TO START

Hello... Great permanent makeup is artistically driven!  There are so many well meaning
people who get excited about the opportunities this field presents - and they decide to
add this "specialty" to their menu of services. Most have no business being there! In
most states,

But just remember that tattooing takes a whole new set of skills to master.  So be
careful! Because the requirements are very flimsy, we end up with people in the field
who have no business being there. A person could decide they want to open up shop
one week and be in business the next.  Some will be LUCKY if they have a natural knack
for it. Others...not so! Those will soon realize that don't have what it takes and then quit.
(But not until they've destroyed a few faces...) Especially true for eyebrows!
need to come together that you will
benefit from are:

  • An eye for beauty & symmetry
  • A steady hand
  • Artistic expertise
  • Quality equipment
  • Dependable Pigments
  • Professional & clean
  • Years of experience  
  • An ability to determine what
    "YOUR" idea of beauty is!
ON YOUR END... there are a few
keys to consider before taking the
plunge into permanent cosmetics:

  • You should plan this out
  • You should educate yourself
  • You should understand that
    all procedures are not
    created equal. If your sister's
    brows turned out PERFECT,
    yours may not!  
  • You should be willing to
    follow all instructions
  • You should be willing to
    QUIT exercising for a week.
  • And finally, you should have
    the patience to see the
    process through to the end!
    This means returning for
    follow up procedures!!  
  • Remember,  Permanent
    Makeup is a Process!
GOOD PERMANENT MAKEUP is very hard to find - FOR A REASON!
Because it's not so easy to do - WELL! And since good work IS NOT OBVIOUS!
AND IT'S ABOUT TO GET WORSE. Did you know... that there are 2 DAY
Microblading courses popping up everywhere! This may be fine if you
already have PMU Training... but many classes do not require such
So, who can you trust?  You just need to ask a lot of questions.
Find out, before trusting YOUR face to the newbie who doesn't have the first clue
about all that goes into keeping the surroundings free of blood borne pathogens.

People think this is an easy career path.  It takes more talent than you might
realize. Just want you guys to be aware when shopping around.
I've compiled a list of seven rules that I go by when considering doing
a procedure. These are things you should things about too!

RULE #3:   FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS ARE A MUST to obtain fine detail.
TESTING FOR NUMBNESS. After the numbing phase (10-20+ minutes) I will test the skin to see if it has become sufficiently numbed. If you need
more time, we will wait.

This phase, should be the most time consuming part of the process. Some people are a breeze, while others take more work. In either case, I will
move the color around on your skin, until I see your face come alive! Sometimes, it only takes adding or removing ONE HAIR! Or changing the
width of the cupids bow, or changing the width of the liner...

As the procedure begins, I will make a few boundary strokes, using a midrange color. I never use the "outlining" techniques!  I don't know about
you, but I prefer my brows to looks as real as possible. I'm NOT looking for SUPER HERO ACTION FIGURE brows!  Once the boundary strokes
are placed, I start the building process.

DURING THE PROCEDURE:  Some technicians will NOT let you use a mirror during a procedure. I don't know what planet they are from, because if
it were MY face, I would want to know what's happening it!  How about you?!  I feel it is important to let you see what is happening, if you want to.

So, at several points during the session, I will ask you peek into the mirror to check that we are on the right track BEFORE we get too far into the
process.  Just understand, that it's not done, till it's done! And we will be going through some awkward stages before completion...   So don't be
scared if one side is higher, or one side is shorter, etc..  it'll all be ok by the end of the procedure. I do understand some people don't really know
what to do, so they may not want to look and participate. That's OK too.  

Immediately following the session, your face will be cleansed, then photographs of the work will be taken of the work to make sure everything is to
your satisfaction.
You should also realize, that the bells and whistles only matter to the
degree of the talent of the person doing the operating. An
EXPERIENCED & TALENTED "ARTIST" can take a $30 machine and
create a masterpeice,
while an IN-EXPERIENCED "TECHNICIAN" can use a $5000
machine and destroy your face in a few minutes!
 So it's not about having (or not having), the most
expensive equipment... or working in an upscale place, or working from a hole in the wall with fewer bells and
whistles.... For a while, I had to work in a VERY modest place. My business was almost destroyed after
Hurricane Ike. But I hung on for dear life! And I always observed ethical practices, strict sterilization guidelines
and I did great work!  

Eventually, I found myself working in a beautiful upscale office surrounded and trusted by doctors. I decided
that THIS was the best time to run a deal... So I contacted Groupon in order to expose my name and my new
location to the public. Some people think Groupon deals are too risky. In MOST cases they are. But for me, it
was a blessing. I sold OVER 250 deals... it took me a year and a half to wade my way through all the people.
But I did it. And I have maintained a 5 star rating through it all by treating every single client with the care
and respect. I treated every client as if they paid full price.  

Through perserverance and a consistent track record of NOT destroying faces, I have now been blessed with
my OWN nice upscale place, where I am training others to repeat my success. This success stems from my
talent. My talent stems from my artistic eye and my knowledge of the skin and my ability to assess each clients
needs. I have artistic training that dates back to 1980.  And cosmetic tattoo experience that dates back to
2002. My excellent track record stems from a place of integrity and concern for the well being of others!  
permanent makeup?

Of course, your feelings are going to be largely
based on your own past experiences or on what
you've actually have seen.... whether it be the
seen on line... Some good, some bad, rarely

First, let's try understand is
WHY  this field has
such a weak reputation, with often horrifying
results. I think it boils down to three reasons:

REASON # 1:  The "ART" of Permanent Makeup
is not currently regulated in the State of Texas!  
REGULATIONS in this field are way to lenient.
ANYONE can LEGALLY pick up a tattoo machine
and work on you - with or without certification.  
The ONLY "law" currently in place is that it must
be done in a licensed facility.

  • How is licensing obtained?  You BUY
    one... To get a license all you have to do is
    send the state money to pay for licensing
    the structure where you will be working.
    But this ONLY  licenses the FACILITY, not
    the technician.

  • There is currently NO standard of testing
    that is required by law to assess the
    skills, knowledge and abilities of each
    technician or artist...

  • And those plaques on the wall are also
    very easy to come by.  Beginning and
    Advanced Certificates (even mine...) can
    be acquired by taking a course that can
    be completed in a week, or less!

  • And don't be too impressed with that
    portfolio either...  unless you KNOW it is
    original work!  Some courses actually sell
    PORTFOLIOS of before and after pictures
    to use until you can build your own (which
    is wrong, in my opinion!).

REASON # 2:  The appeal of earning a relatively
large sum of money in a fairly short period of
time is a huge draw for some!  And
understandably so!  But because of REASON #1,
people who have no idea how to draw  end up
being sucked in by "opportunity" before even
realizing how much skill is required to create
good results.  So if your area of expertise, does
NOT require an ability to draw - you should
probably stick with what you excel at...

Especially for those in the beauty scene who
excel at doing nails, hair, facials - and even
some doctors and nurses take a try at it.... Some
can pull it off if they are artistically minded and
who move conservatively.  But most fail
miserably when they destroy a few faces and
realize it's much more difficult than it seems to
get a beautiful outcome...  and end up saying ,
"oooops", when they realize it's actually a
difficult and unpredictable task. Then they end
up quitting - because their heart's not in it and
it's just not within their scope of talents to

Even a well respected, trusted, and successful
plastic surgeon could wreak havoc behind the
needle if they have not had proper exposure and
experience in TATTOOING!!   Trust me,  I've seen
the result of THAT arrogance! I've worked on
repairing the bad work and broken emotions
done by one who actually said to his patient...

"It's a tattoo! How hard can it be?...

THIS IS HIS WORK...                THIS IS MINE...
before and after pictures that were performed by them - AND ASK FOR REFERRALS -
before making a final decision...
 Licensing and as explained in the column on the left
side of this page! And remember... more to repair bad work.  SO, BEFORE YOU ELECT

For starters, I think that ALL technicians started out with a sincere desire to do well.
And most would love to promise you absolute perfection after just one visit.  The
reality is... it's a difficult task!  If you paint or draw a picture on paper or canvas, it's
there. It doesn't change over time. But when you draw into LIVING tissue, things DO
change over time.  

Occasionally, perfection happens after just one visit. But that's usually because ALL
factors played in your favor.  But, you really should have more realistic expectations.
Which means, that most of the time, 2-3 SESSIONS are required to complete the
whole process!  This is considered "NORMAL" in my world and to understand why
this occurs, you need to consider quite a few factors.  

Cosmetic tattoos are applied with a softer touch, using softer colors than are regular
tattoos! The downside to all this "softness" is this... There is absolutely NO WAY to
determine exactly how much color will be retained from person to person!  We just
know we don't want your eyebrows to look stamped on!

Why? Because we are dealing with human skin! Once pigment has been placed into
your skin - it still has to heal in properly! Some pigmented areas heal in just fine, while
other areas gets kicked out.  In extreme cases where a person has certain medical
condition and/or on medications - the pigment may not take at all. Also, it can heal
perfectly or can appear patchy. We can never be 100% sure what the outcome will

For this reason, I feel it's best to approach the whole experience in a very
conservative fashion. Taking this route will take a little more time, but it will definitely
produce more beautiful results in the end. And you'll never have to be embarrased by
that TOO DARK SCARY BROW that comes around the corner before you do!

2. Depth of placement: Since your pigment is not mechanically implanted by robotic
measures with the ability to measure the depth of each cell  - areas. This is not
always apparent during the session due to swelling and the redness which makes
everything look darker...  After healing takes place, you will see areas that may need
a little more tweaking and can be taken care of on subsequent sessions.

3. Areas of placement:  Areas such as EYELINER and LIPS may lose more color than
other areas (like the brows) due to the moisture content in those areas. These areas
also tend to get wiped more, which can cause even more pigmentation loss.
strong enough to LAST, yet soft enough to look NATURAL!  Tell me... who in their right
mind, would NOT want to approach this line conservatively?  

Back in the day, I did a little experiment. It worked great for me, and I'm pretty sure it will
work for others as well:

    MY EXPERIMENT: When I first did my own permanent makeup, I applied VERY
    LITTLE, just to see what happened. Then I added a little bit more. And I liked it!  
    Then with my very first clents, I applied VERY LITTLE, just to see what happened,
    then I added a little bit more. And the WE liked it.

    Now, after all these years... for every single client... I still apply VERY LITTLE to start.
    Why? because IT'S ALWAYS easier to just add little bit  more. You "can' take it away,
    but why?  That adds more time and money in the long run if you happen to heal in
    too dark. I almost always, keep it conservative when planning your permanent
    cosmetic experience. But if a client comes in who wears a ton of makeup, always
    has, always will... I might fudge a LITTLE on the conservative deal... but not by
    much.  But I will make every effort to create the most beautiful results, in the least
    amount of time, and please every one, as much as I  humanly,possibly can.  This
    little experiement, is the cornerstone of my success.

sessions make everything look as real and natural as possible. I almost always use
multiple sessions, keeping your personal preferences in mind the whole time. But you
should realize that there are some factors that outside the control of the artist. Some of
the factors that can affect the outcome are:  

  • The intensity, or lack of intensity, desired by each client...  and EVERY client is
    different in their expectations.
  • The depth of pigment placement matters... placed TOO DEEP and the color is too
    cool - TOO SHALLOW and it fades too fast. It takes time sometimes to find that
    sweet spot.
  • If you don't take good care of the areas following the procedure, you could lose
  • Even if you do everything TO A TEE... your immune system could still reject some of
    the pigment... Worst case scenario, it could reject ALL particles.
  • Even excessive muscle tension during a procedure could cause poor retention of
  • If you don't apply enough (or too much) ointment, during the healing process - you'll
    loose pigment.
  • These, and other unknown variables make it impossible to predict a perfect
  • As hard as I try to avoid this, there always could be miscommunication between me
    and a client. Some people expect perfection after the first visit. This happens
    occasionally, however, since my approach is super conservative - followup visits
    are often required to perfect the final result. (Another good reason for conservatism!)
  • I understand wanting perfection! But please understand that perfection takes more
    time and the client must be compliant with the plan. The higher the level of
    perfection desired = more follow-up sessions are required.   

#2: BECAUSE OF RULE #1 ~  Be conservative!!
So when I'm planning your permanent cosmetic experience, I cautiously approach my work
in stages! I make every effort to build a platform that will support the most beautiful results
possible. But even though it's still not realistic to EXPECT perfection after just one visit, my
clients are typically very happy with their results because I go to great lengths to relay
proper expectations.  Because they understood the complexities that we are dealing with.


  • Apply too much and well, YOU KNOW!  
  • Apply too little, and what's the point?

I was originally taught to apply MORE than what looks good in order to compensate for
future fading, and to assure you, that it will fade. (Then hope it fades enough to not look so
painted on...) But the problem with that is knowing exactly WHEN to stop.  By applying more
and more, you run a greater risk of over-applying. So, I felt that I should develop a different
approach.  So far, my better judgement has worked like a charm. I just STOP when it looks

From that point, the pigment WILL heal in a little too light, but future sessions will
compensate for that, instead of over applying.... This way, there will never be too much -
and you won't have crazy brows when you walk out the door! The downside of a
conservative  process, is that doing it this way almost guarantees that follow up visits will
be needed.

So, why not play it safe from the very beginning!  

PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND & AGREE THIS CONCEPT, are almost always happy with
their results and don't mind making the investment in their face which will end up
saving lot's of time every morning.
I believe, that this has been the cornerstone of my
success. My clients know and trust that I will do my best to out-perform my last procedure.
Yet they understand the process and realize that in order to get soft beautiful work, it has to
be done in stages. This way, no one gets TOO MUCH!
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