So in 1999, I decided to embark on a new career. While I still loved art, I
knew it would be too risky to launch into art, as a full time career choice. So I
had to think of something new to bridge the gap between the 9 to 5 office
environment and something more creative.  
A little bit about my history...  I've been doing permanent cosmetics since 2002.  Soon after I started
this new career, I was able to quit my regular job to focus on something that I love to do....  And I
knew it was imperative that I spend every possible moment polishing my skills.  It's been along haul.
There were times when I thought I should listen to everyone who was trying to convince me that I
needed to go back to A REAL JOB.  Yes, I knew I needed the stability - by my senses kept me on
target with my main goal of being able to tell my clients that I've hit my TEN YEAR mark. THAT

And somehow, I've been able to endure, without a bunch of other stuff getting in the way!  And guess
what... I STILL feel that there is a lot to learn. With every procedure, I strive to do better than the last.
I constantly scour the web looking for new ideas... new techniques that I may not have considered...
new products... and training!  I'm still loving it and looking forward to at least a couple more decades
to come!

I now excel at all forms of micropigmentation procedures, but I SPECIALIZE in multi-dimensional brow
strokes. My clients are very specific in their requirements and are repeatedly pleased with the subtle
but effective results she achieves. Creating beautiful brows, eyes and lips with “just enough” detail
to enhance natural beauty and balance all facial features, without the crossing the line...  is one of my
strong points.  

Aside from the “beauty” aspect of permanent makeup there is also a growing demand for the
cosmetic/paramedical application such as areola restoration and scar revision, where only the most
gifted hands will suffice. Some of the most rewarding work has been in the corrective realm - from
color correction, to reshaping, to paramedical and areola repigmentataion, I've even tattooed a scalp
or two... see examples on
my portfolio page.

Also, I would like to personally thank YOU for taking the time you took to find me. Whether it be through
listening to a friend or trudging through websites. But, you should also know that it is a process. If
you start with me, you should stick with me. I'll work to capture your true beauty with artistically
designed stokes ...and with an esscence of realism that is hard to find. I’m so fortunate to be a part of
a career, that can make such a huge impact on your life, in just a few hours. Seems a little crazy at

"The joy that comes from having a career, where artistic expression can change lives to such a
drastic degree - is so satisfying!  When we see faces stare in disbelief in the mirror - then break out
into sheer joy..,.  that's a big deal!   It makes me feel good for them! …especially when I can help
transform a broken woman’s spirit, and make her feel beautiful again. So if you have been
considering ParaMedical or Permanent Cosmetics, why don't YOU come on in and talk with me. I think
you'll be glad you did...  See you soon!

Warmest Regards,

~ Connie Pearson
Hello, My name is Connie. When I realized that
Permanent Makeup was actually a thing, I
instantly knew, it would be my calling, forever.

That was back in 2002 and I was right... I don't
know how to explain my drive... other than sheer
passion.  I NEVER, ever get tired of doing this
work. I have dedicated my entire career to fine
tuning my skill to give you what you need.
make it look either natural or like you have
professionally applied BEAUTIFUL makeup! Not
just simple lines.

I just really want YOU to be able to breathe a sigh
of relief EVERY morning when you  realize, that
you'll never again be caught with only one
brow... smudged eyeliner... or pale, lifeless lips!
And I would love for it to be my name that that
comes out of your mouth, when you tell your
friends how happy you are!  

So thank you for looking around and let me
know if I can help you in any way!

"The joy that comes from having a career, where artistic expression
can change lives - is so satisfying!  When we see faces light up in
disbelief and sheer joy.  That's a big deal!  
But before this experience
can take place, I need to remind you, that OPTIMAL RESULTS occur
over a period of 2-3 sessions. I do my absolute best to create work
that stays, the first time, but the truth is that some people are lucky
and things look great after just one session - while others will
require more work.  The number hinges on SO MANY variables,
such as: What is your overall health like? Are you 20 with flawless
skin or 80 with problematic skin? Is your skin oily or dry? Do you
have medical conditions that may interfere with the process? DID
and exercise routines before your session and will you continue for
at least 2 days? What medications are you on? What levels of
perfection do you expect? ...just to name a few. This is complex
procedure. I cannot always promise perfection, but DO I have a
great track record of delivering some pretty AWESOME
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NOTE:  American Red Cross guidelines state that you cannot donate blood for one year after receiving any tattoo work.

START TAKING ARNICA MONTANA 1-2 weeks prior to your appointment!
It promotes faster healing and less bruising and swelling! Available at any Nutrition Store.
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